Patient Participation Group:

 This Group was formed by the Practice alongside the introduction of the Quality Outcomes Framework for general practice. The group meets quarterly here at the Practice 2pm to 5pm.

 Alternatively you can join our online reference group. All you need to do, is fill in a simple form and we will email you each quarter to ask you about the service the surgery provides. You can download a form below and return to reception or pick up a form from the surgery. 


Aims and objectives


  • To develop and extend patient involvement
  • To encourage people to engage with the NHS at the same time as engaging in their own health care
  • To provide practical support for the Practice
  • To contribute to the improvement of the services



Any patient may nominate themselves throughout the year for election by writing to the Practice Manager. These nominations will be taken to the next arranged meeting.

All nominees will be considered in their own right, equally and without prejudice. When making a decision we will be looking to add benefit and diversity to the group. Successful candidates will be contacted by the manager.

Removal of the patient from the practice list for whatever reason will disqualify continuing membership of the group.



 Meeting Minutes



































Coffee Morning July 2012

We would like to thank everyone that supported our coffee morning.

 You helped to raise £393.00

 The proceeds will be donated to Multiple Sclerosis and Huntingtons Disease.

Coffee Morning February 2014

 Ramp Up The Red 7th February 2014 - 10am to 12 noon

We would like to thank everyone that supported our recent coffee morning.

 You helped to raise £400.00

 The proceeds were donated to The British Heart Foundation 

Thank you to all those who helped our recent Ramp Up The Red Coffee Morning be a success. We had a heart themed quiz and the questions & answers are below.


Coffee Morning August 2015


We would like to thank everyone that supported our recent coffee morning.

 You helped to raise £400.00

The proceeds were donated to The Alziemers Society & Cancer Research 

Patient Participation Group AGM Wednesday 5TH March 2014

We would like to thank all who attended in the Greta Ross waiting room on Wednesday 5th March 10am to 12noon for our AGM. If you wish to see what took place during this meeting you can read the minutes below:


We are always taking names, should you wish to join our virtual Patients Group


Patients Comments

"Me and my friend have both used the clinic and everyone is lovely and very welcoming. Now my friend has joined Newmarket Surgery too. Thank you."  - Mrs J & Miss C

"Loved the Christmas tree in the waiting room. It was lovely and smelt good too. Thank you for your efforts to cheer us all up." - An INR Patient

Your Suggestions         

We have Suggestion Boxes in both waiting rooms and listen to our patients comments. These are discussed and actioned at our Patient Participation Group meetings. Below are your suggestions that we have received and implemented. 

You said

"White lines in car park need repainting please"

We have had the lines repainted in the car park

"A water drink machine in the waiting room"

We have had a water machine drink machine installed in the waiting room for patients

"More seating, less leaflets"

We have tidied the waiting room, reducing the amount of leaflets & organised the chairs. Someone is now in charge of keeping in oversight of this. Each month we promote a medical topic with the relevant leaflets for support. Have a look next time you are in our waiting room what the topic is. If any patients require leaflets that are not found in the waiting room, please ask at reception.

" Higher chairs for hip suffers wanted to be of some help!"

We have put chairs with arms in the waiting room these would be better suited for patients with such problems.

" Please can someone check the spelling on the overhead screen? eg. Calendar not Calender!"

 We have ammended and updated this.

"Please allow much more time for displaying patient appointments on the board in the waiting room, so that patients can read and remember the room numbers they have to go to.  Some patients are slow at getting up off the chairs and those accompanying them do not have time to read the board because they are assisting them up."

We unable to lengthen the time period of a name being displayed on the screen so the clinicians will call the patient twice.

"You need an air freshner in the waiting room."

We have had the carpet cleaned and an air freshner is placed in the waiting room now.

"Recorded message when you phone the surgery takes too long and makes one feel the line is engaged. Don't most people know that should dial 999 in a real emergency! Is this message really necessary?"

We are legally required to provide this message to our patients when they call the Surgery. We have reviewed the message and only vital information remains on the message.

"A queueing system for the 8am appointments would be a great help, instead of endless redialing."

"Ringing the surgery in the morning is frustrating for the elderly, who do not have a redial button and annoying for young, who travelling to work and are trying to book an appointment. Is it not possible to arrange for a couple of extra telephone lines and part time telephonist between 8-9am? It would make a tremendous difference to your patients in being able to talk to a human being rather than an automation."

We realise that the busiest time on the telephone is in the mornings and we regularly review the appointment system to provide the best for our patients. We have several incoming lines that are manned. It is important that once you hear the recorded message that you stay on the line as you are in a queue and you will shortly speak to one of our receptionist. Many do not realise that if you put the phone down and redial you are placing yourself further back in the queue. Unfortunately BT cannot inidicate your number in the queue.

" We were all wondering who was next in the queue to have our blood taken. We had to ask each other what numbers were on our cards. Thought it would be a better idea to have holes in the cards, so that you could hook the number on the wall when your number was called. Then everyone can then see who is next."

Thanks for that suggestion. We have now put up a plastic holder on the wall for patients to place their numbered card as they are called by the phlebotamist.

Have a card printed with all your various telephone numbers on, about the size of a business card so that we have all the relevant numbers in one place."

We have had this done. If you would like one they are available on the reception desk, help yourself.

"Please clarify your appointment system"

Clarification is on our latest newsletter


 " Doctors should come and fetch patients from the waiting room."


Unfortunately time doesn't  allow this luxury however we have asked them to meet you at their door

" Would pre-booked appointments be an idea instead of a sit & wait blood clinic?"

We already provide pre-booked appointments running along side the "Sit & Wait"

" Air conditioning in the waiting room please"

 We have had this, just ask at reception

"Please provide water cups in the waiting room that stand up"

The cone cups have chosen in the interests of keeping the waiting room tidy 


 Have YOU got a comment or suggestion? Fill in a slip and drop your view(s) in our suggestion box located in our waiting room