Contact us by phone:


Reception                                                                    (01507) 603121

Main fax:                                                                                   605916

Visit Requests                                                                           603121

Results Line - All test results                                                    353609

(For test results please use the above number to access the results answer phone. Full instructions are available on the line. The Doctor/Nurse will always explain when to telephone for results as timescales may vary.)

Dispensary     (Tel for Repeat Prescriptions)                            603695

                       (Fax)                                                                 353605

Or take advantage of our online repeat ordering system. To register, simply pick up your user name & password from the surgery. You can order your medication online clearly without the worry of pronouncing those long names. If needed there is also the facility to leave us a message.

Community Nurses  (SPA)                                           01507 631290

Health Visitors                                                            01507 608342 ext 205

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Our address is: 153 Newmarket, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 9EH

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